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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

-- Annotated With Results --

J K Rowling has been a master at tightly guarding upcoming storylines of un-published Harry Potter Books. That said, after six of the seven books we should at least have some clues (and opinions) about what type of things "need" occur in book seven. Most activity will, hopefully, involve answering the questions and conflicts already on the table.

It's Rowling's mastery of her craft which gives us clues to future events. She uses careful research (except sometimes for dates) for places, things and characters; and has always meticulously chosen where and when to introduce them, as they flow through the story line. She has a penchant and "feel" for the styles of antiquity which explains her choice of names, use of characters, and even the types of wood used in the wands.

-- So what will did happen in book seven? --

  • Dumbledore's offer of "sanctuary" to Draco gives us a problem! Obviously, he and the order have already devised procedures for "faking" someone's death and "hiding them better than Draco can imagine." The question is: How often have they used the procedure before? Are "Key" people like Ollivander being hidden by the Order?
    NOPE, it looks like their 'standard' methods was all he was talking about. No 'secretly hidden' people were revealed in Hallows. Not even R.A.B. or Aberforth (who we found WAS indeed the barman in the Hogshead)
  • Probably more important: is the 'hiding' procedure, what Dumbledore had planned for himself with Snape all along? It's almost absurd how many times JKR has: inflicted on us that "I trust Severus Snape"; and almost rubbed our noses in the fact that "he won't tell anyone why." If that is the case - is Dumbledore really dead? Both Moody and Bellatrix have explained to us that the unforgivable curses are only effective "if you really mean it," something that cannot outwardly be discerned by observers. Was Dumbledore's last words to Snape: "Severus," a reminder (like he had to do to Harry) of his previous commitment? or, as believed by the Death Eaters, a plea for mercy which didn't happen?
    JKR stopped the rumor long ago, Dumbledore is, in fact, dead; although, the assumptions given above would have been just as plausable! But, his last words, were in fact, a reminder of his previous committment.
  • Is Snape still a Death Eater? Which of the many sides of the fence does he really sit on? His argument with Dumbledore about him taking too much for granted and not "wanting to do it any more" could just have easily referred to Dumbledore's request that Snape follow through with a plan to kill him.
    My guess - that he was not an Eater - was true. Sort of. Well, he actually turned out to have effectively convinced Voldemort that he had never really left the Death Eaters; so, in that sense he was a Death Eater. But, in fact, he was really following his pre-arranged plan with Dumbledore to let himself be killed - not by Draco, but by Snape.
  • Dumbledore's painting on the wall was facing away "sleeping." If the paintings are truly an imprint of the person, it's unlikely that Dumbledore wouldn't be very interested in being "awake." So, how did the painting get there? Why was Dumbledore asleep? and why didn't McGonagall try to awaken him? We may never know.
    My guess, that 'we would never know' is, madeningly true! Dumbledore did give advice/instructions to Snape; but, Harry's brief encounter with the portrait was quite unfulfilling (to me at least).
  • What are the Deathly Hallows? The most obvious meaning for the noun: "Deathly Hallows" would be the Horcruxes; but, other possibilities could be: something in Godric's Hollow; the locked "love-door" in the ministry; the "veil room"; Dumbledore's tomb; or, the wall of portraits.
    Wow, explainations on this one are as wild as one could expect. We NEVER were told about the "love door" or the "veil/death chamber"! Not even the tiniest bit of exposition. The Deathly Hallows were three artifacts which were mentioned in a children's story. An invisibility cloak, which would hide the wearer from death; the Resurrection Stone, which would bring individuals back to a sort of half-life; and, the Elder Wand/Death Stick, which is a wand that cannot be beaten. Harry already had one, Voldemort had misused one, and Dumbledore had the other all along. These items complicated the plot greatly. While Harry thought he understood his quest, it seemed to change, then change back and become greatly convoluted as he tried to decide one or the other: Hallows or Horcruxes.
  • Who will die? There is a literary "code" of sorts called: "Chekhov's Gun" which means that: if the "gun" didn't figure in the plot, the author had no business putting it in there in the first place! What it also means is that: IF a person or object IS going to be germane to the future plot, a good author will have "foreshadowed it" or "set it up" earlier in the book so readers aren't blind-sided. JKR has said that she writes with yellow-stickies of things she needs to remember to include in each book. Killing off someone completely unexpectedly, is a plot point of such immense proportions that it absolutely demands its own resolution. Dumbledore's death was such a killing. If, however, an author kills off someone we already don't like, it makes no such demands; they are expendable - sort of. An author can also "set up" a character for demise just by the loyalties they show. It wouldn't be entirely unexpected if Hagrid died, or Lupin. Wormtail, doubly so, because of his life debt to Harry. The members of "the Order" are in harm's way and we've already been set up by the hands of the Weasley's clock pointing to "mortal peril."
    My guess that: Snape, Draco, Wormtail, Fudge, Scrimgeour, Umbridge, Fenrir, any/all Death Eater, Filtch/Pince would be candidates was spot on... nearly. It would almost be easier to say who DIDN'T die. The big suprise was that Draco and his parents were spared - in fact, Harry and Ron saved Draco's life several times. Fudge wasn't even mentioned in the book. Umbridge was blasted by Hermione and left unconscious; but, never mentioned again. Filtch and Pince weren't mentioned. But, lots and lots of Death Eaters were killed - many by Voldemort himself in his several tantrums. Snape, Wormtail, Scrimgeour and Fenrir all got it, although JKR's revelations about some of them, sort of took the 'fulfillment' out of it. Real bummer death's were: Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin, Colin Creevy, Dobby, Nymphadora and Ted Tonks.
  • What will turn out to be the "extra" horcruxes? The locket was definitely one, wherever it is. Hufflepuff's cup seems a sure bet; and, even though Nagini seems a bit "iffy," we have no reason to doubt Dumbledore. We have no clue yet if he obtained anything of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's; but, why bother going through all the elaboration about it if it didn't play into the storyline? Voldemort seemed intent on entering Hogwarts under any pretext. Was it to make another Horcrux- something that was HIS- his "services to the school trophy?
    All of our assumptions were correct - and then some! The Locket, the Diary, the Ring (double relic), Hufflepuff's cup and the Snake were all Horcruxes! Luna helped identify Ravenclaw's "Lost Diadem," sitting right under Harry's nose since the Half-Blood Prince, as a Horcrux. It, in fact, was made by Voldemort the night that he had visited Dumbledore. The kicker was to find out that even though Dumbledore knew it - he seemed to mislead Harry, in that there really were seven horcruxes... and HE was one of them!
  • Still on "Checkov's Gun" examples. Snape's very first class furnished a list of key elements in future plots; Namely: the Bezoar, polyjuice potion, draught of living death and wolfsbane potion. The Bezoar saved Ron's life (and Hermione pointed out that Snape had taught them about it in first year); Polyjuice potion disguised Barty Crouch (and helped Harry, Ron and Hermione); and Wolfsbane ingredients helped Lupin all year. All but the draught of living death have had major plot lines. Even in book 6 we are told again about how Harry could make the "Draught of Living Death" almost as good as Snape. Many had the thought that Dumbledore had actually used IT to look dead, instead of actually being killed; but, that was quashed by JKR saying he "really" is dead. So it must be going to be used somehow in book 7, don't you think?
    Nope... JKR did a real good job of "setting us up" on this one. Snape's initial lesson was a "coded" telegraph for items of importance throughout the rest of the series; and, she definetly used it as we thought for Dumbledore or someone; but, it was a red herring, never even mentioned in Hallows.
  • There is enough uncertainty, and hints, that Severus Snape was so upset over Lilly and James' death that he turned spy. How could that be? It's doubtful it was over James, could Snape have had some kind of fondness for Lilly or something?
    Ho Ho... were we ever right on this one! Fondness is an understatement, he loved her for ever! Even his patronus turned out to be the same as Lily's - a doe. They were childhood friends and, as it turned out, only his insecurity, love for dark magic and acceptance of his peers kept him away from her. James was truly the "thief" who stole her from him (after Snape soiled himself by his evil choices); and, as such, was the focus of his hatred throughout his life. He had bargained with Voldemort for Lily's life; but, voldemort either: never intended to, or couldn't spare her. Snape apparently believed the former, which is what turned him, not so much toward Dumbledore, as against Voldemort.
  • JKR has said that she carefully designed each of the houses, their mottos, symbols and relationships. One of the connections has already figured significantly into the Horcrux search. Will the other houses connection do likewise? According to JKR, Slytherin is associated with water. His Chamber of Secrets was under the lake as is the Slytherin common room. The Slytherin related horcrux was protected by a lake containing inferi, AND submerged in a "water-looking" enchanted fluid. We possibly have to look forward to the relations of: Hufflepuff and the "earth"; Gryffindor and "fire"; and Ravenclaw and "air." Will nifflers, hippogrifs and thestrals play a part in the hunt?
    Sorry to say that the initial correlation didn't pan out. It was really neat that Slytherin's water connection really seemed to sail. However, the Hufflepuff cup was, in fact under the "ground" in Gringott's vault protected by a fire breathing dragon. Harry needed to blast a tunnel to help it, and them, escape. Hermione destroyed it with a basilisk fang. Ravenclaw's artifact was the Lost Diadem; and, although the Ravenclaw house was in a tower, the diadem was in the room of requirement storage (put there by Tom Riddle on the way to Dumbledore's office). Harry did have quite a chase through the "air" of the room trying to avoid Malfoy and his gang; but, it was destroyed by fire. The Gryffindor Horcrux turned out to be Harry himself. Actually there doesn't seem to be any connection with "fire" for Gryffindor's. Harry was "killed" by the Avarda Kedavra curse not fire. To my way of thinking, JKR missed out on an opportunity here! That would have been neat.
  • Who has been hidden "more completely than you can imagine" by AD and/or the Order? RAB? Do goat's and Aberforth have anything to do with it?
    As far as Deathly Hallows revealed - No one; nothing was said about this.
  • Ollivander's disappearance, was it intentional? Has he been hidden?
    It was NOT intentional - Voldemort got him, imprisoned him, and tortured him to not only reveal the connection between his and Harry's wands but to make a new wand for Peter Pettigrew. This seems a bit silly, however, because Ollivander's store was full of hundreds if not thousands of wands for the taking.
  • Did the wand on the purple cushion in the window belong to Ravenclaw as some have suggested? Where is it now? Is that why Ollivander was taken, and was it made into a final horcrux via Amelia Bone's death?
    This would have been a good plot point; but, perhaps too many people expected it. It was another red-herring, an object with an unusually odd appearance but never mentioned again. It appears that the mention that Voldemort killed Amelia personally was also a red-herring. He made no further Horcruxes after Nagini.
  • Apparently JKR is saving the repair (or use) of Harry's "two way mirror" for book Seven, she said that it would play a role in the future, but not how one would think.
    It was never repaired, all Harry had left was a shard that he could only, once in a while, see a blue eye looking at him. It was, however, used for Harry to summon help in a desparately needed rescue. Aberforth, it turns out, had bought Sirius' mirror from Mundungus and answered Harry's call.
  • Neville could just surprise us all and play an increasingly greater role, as his abilities and knowledge are greatly improving despite still being easily intimidated (peeves making him burn his own pants).
    Yes, he did. He spearheaded the resistance movement at Hogwarts against Snape and the Carrows. He showed every bit as much integrity as Harry and bloomed into a real leader. He actually spurred Harry into action when Harry wasn't inclined to act and actually defied Voldemort himself before he killed Nagini.
  • Aberforth - where is he now, really? What were the spells about the goats? what did he get from Mundungus?
    He did buy artifacts from Mundungus - but NOT the locket. He was, as expected, the barman at the Hogshead. The explanation of his relationship to goats was never mentioned in Hallows.
  • Is the locket at the Black house the Horcrux? Where is locket now- Kreachur, Aberforth, Mundungus, Grimmauld Place?
    YES - as suspected it was stolen by Mundungus; but there is where what anyone expected ended... with a thud! Mundungus gave it to - Delores Umbridge - as a bribe for selling artifacts without a liscence. Umbridge, as usual was playing her "Voldemort-in-training" at the ministry, which is where Hermione took it from her.
  • How will ADs prediction of Wormtail's life debt play out?
    We all (well, most of us) knew that Wormtail's life debt would come into play somehow, somewhere. But, it was interesting to find out that it would be such a truly minor thing. He merely hesitated for a moment, being reminded of the debt; which, of itself wasn't enough to do him in, but the curse Voldemort had put on his synthetic hand was. Apparantly, at the merest sign of treachery (ie merciful hesitation) the hand was cursed to attack and kill Wormtail. Which it did in the dungeon of Lucius Malfoy's home.
  • Will Harry come to his senses and go back to Hogwarts realizing that there are a lot of persons/items at Hogwarts which would make his life against LV much easier/safer/better? i.e. pensieve w/ all of ADs vials, ADs portrait, Order members and spells he needs to know etc.?
    Nope, by the time Hogwarts started there was no way he could have attended. Snape was Headmaster, Death Eaters were professors and he was considered "Undesirable No. 1" with the entire Ministry after him.
  • What did the "gleam of triumph" mean that AD had when he found that LV now had Harry's blood cursing through his new body's veins? - the "power he knows not?"
    Ok, you better sit down and get a soda for this one, It'll take a bit of explaining. When Harry met Dumbldore at Kings Cross (heavenly way station) he had some explaining to do. Harry had been made into sort of a Horcrux when Voldemort's spell rebounded off of Lily's "Love Protection." So a portion of Voldemort existed inside Harry, which is probably why no amount of Occulomancy could stop the visions. When Harry willingly allowed Voldemort to kill him, that aberrant particulate inside Harry was destroyed. Dumbledore told him: "Your soul is whole, and completely your own (now) Harry." The question then remained, IF Voldemort had killed him — how could Dumbledore say that "on the whole, I think not" about him being dead. The answer was that by taking Harry's blood to re-make his body he brought "Lily's protection inside both of you! He tethered you to life while he lives!" That, of course, meant that the very next time the two had their show-down, Harry was the one who couldn't be killed! (Unless some delayed action spell got to Harry after Voldemort was already dead). This is an excellent time to bring up the "formula" that JKR seems to be following for her stories — The Hero's Journey is well known and completely explains both Harry's choices, and even the locations he had to make them in. You better go see what I mean.
  • Who are those that LV killed personally? i.e. Horcrux formers.
    We don't know - never mentioned. Even Regulus wasn't killed by Voldemort.
  • What is the significance that LV is mentioned as killing Amelia Bones personally?
    Nothing. A red herring that JKR knew everyone would be looking for. Or, it may have been an intentional plot point that she could use IF she needed it. Perhaps she really hadn't made fully all the decisions about the Horcruxes before writing the book and wanted to herself a bit of "wiggle room." [Now that I think about it, the same could be said for the wand on the purple cusion as well.]
  • Why was AD asleep in his portrait when those he cared about were in turmoil?
    Never explained. JKR just didn't want to deal with it at the time of McGonnagall's ascendency.
  • What summer break discomforts will the Dursley's inflict on Harry this year during the time until his birthday, and how amicably will they finally part?
    Suprisingly none. In fact that was one of the true high points of the book. Vernon was still blustering, and Petunia was distant and fearful, but Dudley became truly grateful for Harry saving his life. He didn't know, or wasn't allowed to show it, so merely kept a vigil of sorts outside Harry's bedroom door. He said something so close to an apology that Harry said it was tantamout to "I Love You." They parted more amicably as one could expect and as far as we know were kept hidden and safe.
  • Will Hogwarts open next year? If so who will be headmaster? Who will be the DADA instructor?
    Yes, it did. Severus Snape was made headmaster. Amycus Carrow (Death eater) was DADA instructor. His sister Alecto Carrow was made the Muggle Studies professor.
  • If Hogwarts doesn't open what will the students do?
    Attendance at the school was actually made mandatory - so Voldemort had control of all the children.
  • Does Draco really have the "Dark Mark"? He seems to have gotten quite "an education" over the summer if he has become proficient at all of the unforgivable curses: Imperious (Rosmerta), Crucio (attempted at Harry) and Avarda Kedavra (Was ordered to do it to Dumbledore). All these probably from his aunt Bellatrix Lestrange as that was who Snape mentioned had taught him Occlumency (which Harry was never able to perform).
    Yes, he does have the Dark Mark, he is a Death Eater like his father (and apparantly his mother). His aunt Bellatrix, and possibly others, gave him the lessons in the unforgivable curses. Harry did see, in one of his visions, that Draco was being used by Voldemort to inflict cruciatus pain on other Death Eaters who had displeased him. Under pain of experiencing the pain himself.
  • Does Draco really have "the stuff" to be in Voldemort's league without being killed? He's so afraid of him that he probably had undergone the Cruciatus curse. Did he steal the Felix Felicis, Veritaserum or Amortentia from Slughorn like he did the Polyjuice? and is that why he finally succeeded with the vanishing cabinet?
    No he doesn't. In fact Harry and Ron had to save his life several times during the book. It was Harry's mercy toward Draco, however, which ended up assisting Harry's final escape from Voldemort. Harry was able to tell Draco's mother that her son was still alive when Voldemort sent her to check Harry's body to see if he was dead. Narcissa, then lied to Voldemort, that Harry was dead in order that they would all go back to the school where she stood a chance of finding her son.
  • Apparently JKR is leaving the "rescue/escape" of the Captured Death Eaters from Azkaban until the final book. What will he do with Lucius their former "leader" now that he's angry with him?
    All the Death Eaters - in fact, most likely all the prisoners - in Azkaban were rescued; however, we were not told how. Even Stan Shunpike joined the "Eaters." Lucius was taken back into the fold but was never thought of highly by Voldemort again. Through his own cowardice and cruelty to others, Lucius made it through all the turmoil and was alive at the end... bummer!
  • LV will recruit others into his circle to replace those he's lost. Percy, in his adolescent embarrassed self-justification may be a likely candidate.
    Percy was a creep throughout nearly all of the book. Even when evil had completley controlled the Ministry. That may have been more cowardice than anything. But, JKR seemed to have a "soft spot" (of sorts) for Mrs. Weasley having killed her son Fred; so not only her husband was spared but Percy returned to the fold; although, it was done in a sort of perfunctory, after-thought sort of way.
  • Kreachur will still have to be dealt with. Only a hint was given about what kind of disruption to the other house elf's life he's making which seems considerable.
    Kreacher was used as sort of a completion of Hermione's theme of "elf rights" and they are "victims" of how they are treated. When his story was explained to Harry, there was so much compassion generated that Harry just couldn't respond in kind to Kreacher's angry insults. Harry showing the elf a kindness by giving him a cherished "treasure" that he could have as his very own; completely turned the elf 180 degrees. He not only became competent but solicitous of their well being AND a stalwart in the final battle!
  • Rufus Scrimgeour, where does he really stand? Is he just as big of idiot as Fudge? Or did he keep the evil bigot Umbridge on his staff for a reason?
    Scrimgeour was, and still is, and enigma. He is a character that JKR needed, and needed to act in a certain way, but we were just expected to believe without questioning. We know how he acted but still have no inkling about why an intelligent, sucessful auror, would act in such a completely un-intelligent, bizarre way. He claimed to be on the "same side as Harry" (and probably was) but always acted like an idiot and against him. Umbridge was still there because... we have no clue... except that JKR needed her where she was.
  • Harry will find out more about both the "death chamber" and the locked door "Love Room" in the Ministry of Magic.
    This is one of the biggest "let downs" of the book. The death chamber was needed for Sirius' death (possibly); but there was no reason for the "love room" to even be introduced if it wasn't goint to be used in future storyline. Especially in light of all the times JKR has played the "love card" as a major plot point - the neglect of explanation for the room is a great disappointment.
  • Only one more opportunity for us to learn more about Harry's genealogical background - specifically the continual references to "his eyes" being those of Lilly's. (We know that the more "pure blood" the more "pointy" the nose and James' was more pointy than Harry's.)
    This was a pleasant suprise. Lilly, as we know, was a Muggle-born to a family with Petunia as her sister - we didn't learn any more of her genealogy. James, on the other hand, we learned was a direct descendant of Ignotus Peverell, the first owner of THE Invisibility Cloak, one of the Deathly Hallows. This made Harry the last descentant - (so far.)
  • Harry will struggle to discover and develop the "power he (LV) knows not."
    The expansion of this aspect was done a bit too obscure for my tastes. Harry did grown in maturity and self-lessness; but, at the same time he developed a bit of 'cockyness' about himself and his 'mission' displayed as greater self-confidence and self-assurance. Much of his power seemed to have sprung from his 'internalization' of the teachings of his mentor: Dumbledore.
  • Sometime we will need to find out just what Dumbledore means when he frequently says he's "watched Harry more closely than he knows."
    Nope! Nothing more learned here!
  • Grawp will play a continued role, perhaps even a "last minute" unexpected rescue as he has done in the past?
    He, in fact, did join in the final battle at Hogwarts and suffered for it. His, however, was but a very minor part.
  • Do Slughorn's "two perfect Felix Felicis days" at age 24 and 57 have any significance?
    Nope - not even a mention
  • Lilly and James' changed relationship - how did it happen?
    Don't know about this either. Except that they both served as Head boy and Head girl together.
  • Who is the latent wizard JKR spoke of? The one who show's abilities late in life under duress?
    COMPLETE MYSTERY - I've read it twice now, and can't find mention of this anywhere. (There was a tangential mention that Ron parroted Harry's words, that he had heard him use, in opening the Chamber of Secret's - But that would be an unacceptable stretch to claim the act revealed "latent abilities" any more than a parrot has latent abilities of conversation.)
  • Who was the "awful boy" who Petunia heard tell Lilly about Dementor's? Was it James, Snape or someone else?
    Ah, ha... it was Severus Snape, who apparantly fell in love with the "Muggle-born" Lily even before she knew she was a witch. After watching her from a distance, it was he who told her that she was a witch and could do magic. His and Lily's discussions was what alienated Petunia.
  • How did Lilly and James (and the Longbottom's) defy Voldemort three times?
  • How did AD get the scar on his knee of the London underground?
  • What is more than meets the eye" in regard to Petunia (per JKR) and what explains why Petunia inclined to take in/keep Harry at ADs request.??
    Actually, this is yet one more plot point that JKR didn't resolve. We know that she did take Harry in. We know that she was jealous of Lily. We did find out that Petunia had sent a present to Lily - which Harry broke with his broom. What JKR had in mind when she said Petunia had more than meets the eye is still unresolve to me.
  • RAB - really Sirius' brother? Is he really dead? Did Voldemort kill him or who was assigned to, and did they carry it out?
    Regulus Arcturus Black, Sirius' brother, committed suicide by drinking the potion in the locket vessel and ordering Kreacher to apparate back alone without him.
  • What was the "certain proof" that AD had to trust Snape?
    Not sure what was the "certain proof" that Dumbledore spoke of to McGonnagall; but, it was Snape who warned Dumbledore of Voldemorts intent to kill the family. He had asked to spare Lily but was aparantly denied so bargained with Dumbledore to take them all into hiding... in return for "anything." When Voldemort vanished, Dumbledore told snape that he would be back and shamed him into helping protect "Lily's son" by calling his attention to the exact replica of her eyes in her son's. Snape agreed to protect Harry but demanded that Dumbledore never tell anyone that he had helped, especially Harry.
  • What were AD and SS arguing about that Snape may no longer want to do?
    Snape had been able to block the progression the magical curse Dumbledore sustained from putting on Marvolo's ring - aka Horcrux - aka Resurrection Stone. However the curse was only staunched for limited time and would eventually (probably within a year) break out of bounds and kill Dumbledore. Dumbledore had extracted a promise from Snape to sort-of "put him out of his misery," in order to save Draco from splitting his soul. Snape, very upset that Dumbledore wouldn't confide in him the things that he was sharing with Harry, said "you refuse to tell me everything, yet you request that 'small' service of me (to kill him)... perhaps I have changed my mind." What Harry saw in Snape's memory was forever enough to convince him that Snape was not a coward... "Albus Severus Potter" — who would have thought!
  • How does the order use patronus to communicate- invented by AD (JKR)- why didn't AD, or someone, teach Harry how to do it?
    This was really neat. Everyone seemed to use it to communicate except Ron and Harry. Each person had their own form of patronus which appeared at the destination and spoke the intended message in the person's own voice.
  • What were ADs letters to Petunia- i.e. those prior to "my last"?
    No mention of this.
  • the protection of HP while at the Dursley house also extends to the Dursley's. Was Petunia afraid to know that it had ended and now she and her family were outside the protection?
    This was never expounded upon. The Dursleys did recieve extraordinary assistance from the Order in fleeing to safety, but were never mentioned again - even in the epilogue.
  • Any connection between Zacharias Smith (from Hufflepuff) vs. Hepzibah Smith and Hufflepuff's cup? Same family? 
    None that was mentioned.

Some things were answered, some were not. See "Unanswered Questions and Descrepancies" for items which will (hopefully) be covered in Rowlings followup book to the Harry Potter series... once she's had a chance to catch her breath!