SCARPquiz on
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

SCARPquiz Number Two


Explanation of answers

1- No one remembered his birthday.
Actually Dudley did remember Harry's birthday but he never mentioned it in front of his parents; only to use it to taunt Harry. Harry DID sing 'Happy Birthday to Me' to himself; but, this is the best answer of those listed.
2- 'Voldemort' was NOT behind the plot.
Dobby was careful to say it involved He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named because in his mind that was a 'clue.' The inhabitant of the book was, at least in Dobby's mine, NOT Voldemort yet.
3- All are true
Surprisingly the only thing Harry could think of was to tell Hogwarts he wasn't coming due to Uncle Vernon's prohibition. Fred does like to learn Muggle techniques like picking locks and knew his dad was stretching, if not breaking the law. The Burrow was a converted old stone pigpen.
4- Wreck into the Willow.
Dobby did think highly of Harry and did try to prevent him from going back to Hogwarts by stopping his mail from his friends, using magic in the Dursley house so Harry would be blamed and preventing him from boarding the Hogwarts express. The two did crash into the Whomping willow; BUT, there is no evidence that Dobby had a hand in that.
5- The car didn't break Ron's wand.
Ron said he had to scrub the slug scum off a special services to the school award. Hermione defended Lockhart and drew hearts by his classes on her schedule, among other things. Filch is an admitted squib, Nick's 500th deathday party was on Halloween, and Peeves was able to taunt Myrtle by calling her "pimply." Ron's arachnophobia was due to Fred transfiguring Ron's teddy bear into a spider. But Ron's wand was broken when the car crashed accidentally into the tree, not intentionally because it was angry.
6- None of the above.
All of those listed helped Harry, in one way or another. Dobby gave clues about who it was, Hermione ID'd the Basilisk and that it was using pipes, Hagrid sent them to Aragog, Aragog told them about Myrtle, Myrtle gave them the location of the entrance, Lockhart gave them permission to look up Polyjuice Potion and Snape, bless his heart, 'donated' several ingredients for the potion.
7- Scare Mrs. Mason with an owl.
Actually, Mafalda Hopkirk of the ministry did that. It was she who sent the owl. All the other things Dobby actually did.
8- Obliviate
Obliviate is the memory charm which, by history, we know he can perform. Peskipiksi Pesternomi certainly doesn't get pixies back into their cages; The Homorphus charm wasn't done by Lockhart but by an ugly hag; The words 'Brachium Emmendo' came from the film but certainly doesn't heal bones; Expelliarmus disarms, and we don't know what specifically Lockhart tried on snape, but whether it or Protego - Snape got him bad; and the Protego shield charm was nothing like the silly wand wave Lockhart tried to show Harry.
9- All but one of the above
Everything listed is true about Polyjuice potion except that it turns greenish-yellow with Millicent Bulstrode's CAT, not the girl herself.
10- Percy Weasley
Percy saw Harry retrieve the diary from Draco using the Expelliarmus spell; but, it was Ron who caught it. Lucius gave it to Ginny. Hermione checked it thoroughly for hidden spells etc. and Draco was going to steal it. Percy is the only one mentioned who didn't actually hold the book.
11- None of the above
All of the options were actual excuses as follows: Hermione answering Draco about buying their way onto the Quidditch team. Hagrid saying why Lockhart was hired. Filtch explaining his Kwick Spell brochure. Harry explaining why they were at the petrification. Lockhart explaining why his spell didn't work. Dobby explaining why he jinxed the bludger. Ron excusing when he 'dressed' as Crabbe. Hermione justifying being top in the class like Riddle. Fudge justifying arresting Hagrid. Aragog excusing why he was going to let them be killed. Harry about sneaking to Myrtles bathroom. Lockhart excusing his taking credit for others accomplishments. Myrtle excusing her haunting of Olive Hornby. Riddle justifying why he dropped his real name. Riddle excusing his lack of consideration for Fawkes. Ginny excusing her using the magic diary. Lucius Malfoy trying to excuse how Ginny got the diary.