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Chapter Summary and Analysis - Part Three

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This is the longest (most pages) JKR book to date. It further solidifies the writing style she is using in the Harry Potter series and introduces no small number of new: Locations, Persons, Creatures, Concepts and Issues which need to be dealt with (as if there aren't enough already.)

By far her "darkest" book to date, some of my patients' parents are concerned over what effect reading it might have on their children. Usually, I explore with them what other books their children have already read and what effect they had on them. Surprisingly, I find that a fair number of children, over ten-or-so, have read Tolkien's Lord of the Ring book's (in some form). And, not surprisingly, many of those who are under ten "didn't like" or seemed to be upset by the books. After all, the "Ring" books are much, much darker and intense over all!

In The Goblet of Fire, Harry does seem to be buffeted through circumstances completely beyond his control AND beyond his own ability to solve - save it be for "lucky circumstances." In addition, some parents express concern that Harry's actions aren't a very good role model; and find it difficult to believe that boarded students of that age (even in British Schools) are left alone so much "to raise themselves" by the adults in their lives. I must agree, they do make a good point when you consider that children do "identify with" the Harry Potter books MUCH more readily than with the "Ring" books, because "Potter" deals with substantially more mundane and identifiable activities. Therefore "poor examples" in "Potter" could have much more negative effect on children than those in "Ring."

It is precisely this characteristic, however, which compels children to sit for hours at a time and anxiously look forward to completing such a massive literary exercise. What a waste to not take advantage of such an opportunity! Especially when its so easy to overcome any and all objections one might have. "Read it yourself", I've begun advising parents, "see what it is that you think Harry could have done better and intentionally counteract it." By knowing the Potter vocabulary, you can either read it with your child or discuss it with them as they read it, making it a shared experience. And, you can comment where you think you need to, about how to do things better. Ask them "feeling" questions: "How did you feel when…" or "Have you ever been in a situation like…" or "What would you do if…" What a GIFT you can give them by doing this! You know that a "shared experience is part of what they are, forever."

If you think there is little "redeeming" value in the series- take a look especially at what advice Albus Dumbledore gives. Found near the end of every book so far. In addition, use the 'Parents Guide' annotations (in the right margin) to help you along - the spell is: "Specialis Revelio Parentus"

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Long Book:
Wow! What a long book. Largely due to the fact that this book is the first one in the series to spend a good deal of time away from Hogwarts. The introduction of new places and characters requires a good deal of exposition. Even at the bookstore counter the reader can tell that this book is going to further the story along a great deal.

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4 - Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire
Pages: 734

The Egg and the Eye
Harry took the egg under the invisibility cloak to the prefects magnificent bathroom with 100 taps, a picture of a mermaid and a diving board. After amusing himself with the different bubbles and colored water coming from the taps he attempted to decipher the egg. Moaning Myrtle appeared from out of a tap and told him to open it under the water, "like Cedric did." When he listened under water the egg produced a song about him having an hour to find something that was taken from him or it would be lost forever. Moaning Myrtle assisted him figuring out that there were mer-people in the lake and the song was in "mermish." Myrtle revealed that after she had been killed it had taken hours for them to miss her and she had "haunted" Olive Hornby, who had been rude to her, until the ministry ordered her to stop.

On the way back to his room the Marauders Map showed "Bartemius Crouch" in Snape's office. Of course Harry went to investigate but he got stuck in a step halfway down a staircase loosing the map and egg which landed at the bottom with a crash and began wailing. Harry couldn't reach the map to erase it before Filtch came but he couldn't see Harry under his cloak even though Mrs. Norris kept looking right at him. Filtch thought it was Peeves who had stolen the egg but Snape showed up angry that someone had been in his office despite it being sealed with his usual spells. Then Moody came and bantered with Snape. Harry realized that Moody could see through invisibility cloaks but the professor didn't give him away. He told Snape that he had searched all the professors offices as "auror's privilege" under Dumbledore's orders. Moody noticed the map and pointed it out to Snape but Harry frantically waved his arms above his head. As Snape reached for it, Moody levitated it to him claiming that he had dropped it earlier, but not before Snape recognized it and the egg as Harry's. Moody had to threaten Snape with suspicions and innuendoes before he could get he and Filtch to leave.

When alone, Moody helped Harry out of the stair and asked if he had seen who was in Snape's office on the map. Harry told him that it was Mr. Crouch, which seemed to interest Moody, then asked if he could "borrow it." He told Harry that one thing he hated was a Death Eater who had gone free. He asked Harry if he had ever thought of a career as an Auror and said he should consider it. As he went to sleep, Harry thought that he should check how scarred the rest of the Auror's were before he decided to be one.

The Second Task
The next day while practicing the banishing spell in Charms class Harry told Hermione and Ron about his discussion with Moody and that Snape was only at Hogwarts because Dumbledore was giving him some sort of second chance. Hermione had to keep reminding them that Dumbledore trusted Snape and Harry pointed out that she just didn't like Crouch because of how he treated Winky. He wrote to Sirius about it all and began his slowly growing panic leading up to the impending next task. Despite help from both Ron and Hermione and the books in the library he couldn’t find out how to breath under water for an hour. Because Harry had forgotten to mention the egg's clue, Sirius' return letter gave no help, just asked the date of his next Hogsmead visit. Hagrid was supportive but wasn't asked for help. The night before the task Hermione and Ron were summoned to McGonagall's office leaving Harry alone. He fell asleep while continuing his search for an answer in the common room, and was startled awake by Dobby telling him he needed to rescue "his Wheezy." Dobby said he had overheard Moody and McGonagall talking about him needing to rescue Ron Weasley and would he think to use "gillyweed." So Dobby got some for Harry to use on the task which started in 10 minutes.

Percy was sitting at the judges table replacing Crouch who hadn't shown up again. Bagman offered to help Harry again and then started the task. When Harry waded into the water he swallowed the Gillyweed and sprouted gills and webbed hands and feet. He swam deeper and had to beat off an attack of Grindylow's with a jet of hot water from his wand but found that he couldn't speak spells under water. Moaning Myrtle came down her pipes into the lake to watch Harry. She pointed the direction to the merpeople who, he found, didn't look at all like the painting in the prefects bathroom. Harry found four people unconscious and tied to a statue: Ron (Harry's task), Hermione (Krum's task), Cho (Cedric's task) and Gabriel (Fleur's task). Because no one else was there to rescue them, Harry tried to rescue them all but was stopped by the merpeople. He tried to argue with them and finally Cedric came using a bubble head charm. Krum also finally came with the head of a shark and had to show him how to use a jagged stone to release Hermione before he tore her to pieces. At last, Harry threatened the merpeople with his wand and released both Ron and Gabriel. Just as the gillyweed was wearing off they broke the surface and Ron called him a "pratt" for waiting till all were saved because Dumbledore wouldn't let hostages be harmed. Apparently Harry was the only one who had taken the warning seriously. As everyone moaned in turn, Harry felt increasingly stupid. Dumbledore spoke, at the waters edge, to the merchieftainess and found what Harry had done. Bagman announced the results. Fleur was attacked by grindylows and didn't finish but got 25 points. Cedric came 1 minute after the hour deadline and got 47 points. Krum got 40 points and all except Karkaroff thought Harry had "moral fiber" so he got 45 points, tying with Cedric for first place in the tournament. The next task wouldn't be until June 24th and Harry decided to buy Dobby some socks for every day of the week.

Padfoot Returns
For once Ron was able to participate in "the telling of the story" and obtain some notoriety. His embellishments, however, grew more unrealistic until Hermione, who was herself enduring constant taunts about being Krum's "most missed thing", publicly brought him back to reality. A brown owl brought a message from Sirius who asked them to meet him just outside of Hogsmead and to bring as much food as possible. Hermione further had to endure the Slytherin's belittlements after Skeeter's scathing article in Witch Weekly called her "Harry Potter's Secret Heartache" along with the adjectives "plain, ambitious, ugly, muggle-born, and famous-wizard hungry." It convicted her by innuendo of using love potions and mentioned Krum's request for her to visit him in the summer that he made at the lake when they were completely alone and she couldn't possibly have known. Ron became purple with jealousy but was interrupted by Snape who had heard them whispering and launched another tirade of public humiliation. He separated the three and venomously whispered to Harry that he knew he'd been stealing boomslang skin, and gillyweed from his cupboard. Harry denied it but Snape continued that he knew it was Harry with the egg and parchment on the stairs and threatened him to "accidentally" spike his juice with Veritas Serum to make him tell the truth. Karkaroff visited their classroom but Snape put him off until class was over. Harry spilled armadillo bile so he could crouch down and eavesdrop on their conversation. Karkaroff showed Snape something on his left forearm and said that it was growing clearer and "you must have noticed."

They met Sirius, transformed into his animagus dog- Padfoot, outside of Hogsmead then went into the mountains to a cave where Buckbeak was tethered. Sirius ravaged the chicken legs they had brought saying that he had been living on rats and stealing newspapers so he could be close to all the happenings such as Bertha Jorkins still missing and Crouch not being seen in public since November and his house appearing deserted. They went over the details about loosing his wand, who was in the top box, Bagman continually offering help, Winky being accused then Crouch going into the bushes and Crouch searching Snape's office. Sirius said saving a seat then not attending, reinstating the tournament then not attending, taking prolonged leave for illness were all completely out of character for Crouch. He explained to them what it was like during Voldemort's reign of terror and that Crouch had risen quickly through the ministry championing the capture of Death Eaters. He gave the Auror's power to kill instead of capture, using unforgivable curses on suspects and sent people directly to Azkaban without trial- including Sirius! When Voldemort disappeared Crouch was on tap for becoming Minister but then his son was caught with a group of death eaters who talked themselves out of Azkaban in order to try and find Voldemort. He mercilessly held a "trial" just to distance himself from his son then sent him to Azkaban. Sirius said that he was just 19 when they brought him past his cell and heard him screaming for his mother until he went quiet in the end. Crouch and his sickly wife were allowed a visit and he died shortly afterwards followed by his mother. After their deaths public opinion seemed to shift away from Crouch and he was shunted into another department. They discussed about how Snape knew more dark magic than anyone else in school and was tight with the Slytherin's who became Death Eaters; namely, Rosier & Wilkes- killed by auror's; LeStrange's- in Azkaban; Avery- at large; and of course, Karkaroff- who was worried and asking Snape for advice.

Their discussions seemed to focus on about how Dumbledore trusted Snape then to Crouch's usual actions. It was decided that Ron write to Percy for some possible answers. They were not to sneak out to visit Sirius and if they talked about him in school they were to use the name "Snuffles." Ron compared Percy with his idol Crouch and wondered if Percy would throw his family to the Dementor's if they were standing in the way of his career, calling him "ambitious." Hermione observed that "Sirius must really love Harry because he is living off rats."

The Madness of Mr. Crouch
The house elves willing gave them extra food for "Snuffles" and Dobby was ecstatic about the socks Harry gave him. Winky, on the other hand, wasn't doing so well. She was despondent over being given clothes and had taken to drink (butter beer which is intoxicating to House Elves). She wailed when she heard that Crouch was reported ill and hadn't been coming to the tournament. "He is needing me," she said but wouldn't say anything further. The other elves pushed them all out the door when Hermione began trying to defend SPEWs agenda to them. "House Elves have no right to be unhappy when there is work to be done and masters to be served," they said. Hermione began a subscription to the newspaper so she "didn't have to find out about everything from the Slytherin's." Several owls came with anonymous hate letters to her quoting skeeter's article about "playing Harry false." One contained undiluted bubotuber pus which burned her hands. There magical creatures lesson was about Nifflers, burrowing animals drawn toward "sparkly stuff." Ron's filled his lap with gold coins to win a slab of chocolate. When Goyle tried to steal the coins, Hagrid pointed out that it was leprechaun gold which vanishes. Hearing that, Ron got upset that his payment back to Harry had disappeared. He said he "hated being poor." Hermione stopped opening her hate mail and vowed to find out how Skeeter was listening to private conversations when she was banned from the grounds. Harry suggested that "maybe she had you bugged." Even Mrs. Weasley only gave her a tiny Easter Egg compared to Ron and Harry's. Percy finally wrote back and brusquely said he hadn't actually seen Crouch but knew his handwriting on letters of instructions.

Bagman took the champions down to the Quidditch field which had been transformed into a giant maze of hedges. The cup would be placed in the center and the first one to get past the obstacles and touch it got full marks. Harry and Diggory would enter first (tied in points) then Krum, then Fleur. Before Bagman could offer help again Krum caught up to him and wanted a word. At the edge of the forest Krum wanted to know about Harry's feelings for Hermione because she "talks about you very much." Harry said they'd always been just friends. Just then a deluded, babbling Crouch came out of the forest and said he had to tell Dumbledore that he had done a stupid thing. Flitting in and out of reality he said: "I escaped… must warn… Bertha dead… my fault… my son… my fault… Dark Lord… stronger." Harry left Krum to watch Crouch and ran to Dumbledore. Snape was gleefully obstructionistic until Dumbledore just came. He believed Harry at once and followed him to the forest where they found Krum stunned and Crouch gone. Dumbledore summoned Hagrid (with a petronus) and awakened Krum who said that Crouch had attacked him from behind. Karkaroff was sent for and Moody appeared saying Snape had told him about Crouch. Karkaroff bellowed about "treachery" and spit at Dumbledores feet only to be lifted into the air and slammed against a tree by Hagrid demanding an apology. Dumbledore told Hagrid to take Harry back to his common room. He chastised Harry for "wandering off with Krum," said he'd be talking to Hermione about her relations with him and "you can't trust any of 'em" including, he said, "Maxime."

The Dream
None of them were able to come up with an answer about what happened to Krum and Crouch. Harry said Crouch was too weak to have done anything and was sanest when he was talking about Voldemort. He mentioned Bertha, his son, it was his fault, Voldemort stronger and to warn Dumbledore. Harry blamed Snape for holding him up. They overheard the twins coming to the Owlery talking about getting into trouble for blackmail. Neither would tell the other what they were doing up in the Owlery. Ron said the twins were obsessed about making money and really wanted to start a joke shop but needed gold to get it started. For fear of "being blasted" they waited until Moody was already awake before they went to talk to him and see if he had found Crouch. He said he had "summoned the map from his office" and still couldn’t find Crouch. Hermione's suggestions were so good Moody suggested that she also consider being an Auror. Ron spent the rest of the conversation trying to get him to suggest the same to him. Moody told Harry to just concentrate on the third task and that it should be "right up your street," having gotten to the Philosopher's stone. He told Ron and Hermione to help Harry practice for the task and to "stick close to Potter" practicing "constant vigilance."

Sirius' letter was a strong reprimand and lecture about not going out of Gryffindor tower after hours, arming himself for the task and keeping his head down. He said he was waiting for a return owl and his word he wouldn't stray out-of-bounds again. Harry asked who Sirius was to be lecturing him after all the things he did at school. The other's made Harry write back and pointed out that even though he hadn't been hurt, whoever put his name in the Goblet did it for a reason that was probably to Harry's detriment. He did stay indoors and practice spells. Being the "victim" of stunning practice, Ron suggested they do it on Mrs. Norris, Filtch's cat. He already knew disarming so they learned the "impediment curse." The heat in the Divination classroom caused Harry to swoon into a vision of Voldemort in an old house telling Wormtail that he was lucky, someone was dead, so he wouldn't be fed to Nagini. He consoled Nagini that there was always Harry Potter to eat then inflicted pain on Wormtail with the "Crucio spell." Harry awakened, screaming, as his scar seared with pain. The whole class was staring at him and Trelawney wanted to know about his "vision." He excused himself to the hospital wing but went to Dumbledores office instead. The password to Dumbledores office had changed so Harry kept trying names of candy until accidentally he said "cockroach cluster" and it opened. Inside he overheard the minister Cornelius Fudge arguing with Dumbledore and Moody that there was "no evidence of foul play." Crouch was bending himself into a pretzel trying to minimize the situation, blaming Maxime being a half-giant and calling Dumbledore prejudiced because of Hagrid. Moody asked to "wrap up this discussion" because his magical eye had seen Harry waiting outside the door.

The Pensieve
Fudge tried to dismiss Harry but Dumbledore told him to wait there in his office until they got back from examining the grounds. He saw a glimmering in the closet and snooped to find a basin full of "something" that glistened like liquid- or wind made solid- he didn't know which. He first touched it with his wand and it became transparent so he looked in and surprisingly saw a whole room down inside. He put his face inches from the surface and saw a chamber with rows of witches and wizards and a chair in the center of the room. He leaned closer to see better and the tip of his nose touched the surface. Suddenly the room seemed to lurch and he fell down inside and found himself sitting on a bench next to Dumbledore without being noticed by anyone just like what had happened to him before with Tom Riddles diary. He watched as Dementor's brought Karkaroff in and sat him in the chair which suddenly bound him in chains. Apparently he had asked for a deal to be let out of Azkaban so Crouch questioned him about names of other Death Eaters. He gave the names of Antonin Dolohov, Evan Rosier, Travers (who helped murder the McKinnon's) and Mulciber- who specialized in the imperious curse; but, the ministry already knew of these names. He gave the name of Snape but Dumbledore said he had "given evidence on him before" and that he had left the Death Eaters before Voldemort's downfall and turned spy. He gave the name of Agustus Rockwood, of the Department of Mysteries, which the ministry didn't already know and was returned to Azkaban to await the ministries final determination.

The room faded and returned. This time he was seated next to Crouch and Dumbledore and saw Rita Skeeter with her Quick Quotes Quill. Ludovic (Ludo) Bagman came in and sat down on the chair but it didn't chain him. He was being tried for passing information to Voldemort's supporters but said only that Rockwood was a friend of his dads who had promised to get him a job in the ministry. Although Crouch wanted to send him to Azkaban the council affectionately voted his innocence commenting on his Quidditch celebrity.

The room faded and returned again and Harry was still next to Crouch and Dumbledore but everything was tense and the silence was broken only by the sobs of a frail witch next to Crouch. Six Dementor's chained four people (two men, a woman and a boy) into chairs. The boy was Crouch's son who wailed his innocence and plead with his mother. They were all being tried for using the Cruciatus curse on Auror's Frank and Alice Longbottom to try and find the whereabouts of Voldemort. Crouch called for life sentences in Azkaban for all of them and the council agreed. Crouch said "you are no son of mine" and had them all taken away. Harry saw another Dumbledore sitting on the other side of him who lifted him by the elbow back into his office.

Dumbledore explained that the Pensieve stored his memories because his head sometimes got too full. He demonstrated by pulling a silver-string like substance from his head with his wand. Harry saw his face on the surface then Snape's which said "it's coming back… Karkaroff's too.. Stronger and clearer than ever." Dumbledore told Harry that curiosity was not a sin but "we should be careful with our curiosity." He showed Harry Bertha Jorkins from the Pensieve. Then Harry told him about his dream in Divination where Voldemort had tortured Wormtail, said that someone was dead and he would be feeding Harry to Nagini. Harry asked why his scar was hurting and Dumbledore said "because you and he are connected by the curse that failed." Harry didn't think Voldemort had a body but then remembered it had held a wand! Asked if he thought Voldemort was getting stronger he described that when Voldemort was in power there were mysterious disappearances just like Jorkins and the old Muggle Frank Bryce from Riddles old hometown. Dumbledore said "yes" it was Neville's parents that had been mentioned and that they had been tortured into insanity. They were in Saint Mungo's and Neville visits but is not recognized. Dumbledore answered what Harry was only thinking: that neither Bagman or Snape has been accused of Dark Activity since. When Harry asked why he thought Snape had stopped supporting Voldemort, Dumbledore said "that's between Professor Snape and myself." He also told Harry not to tell anyone about Neville's parents as he had the right to let people know when he was ready. Looking older than ever, Dumbledore looked at Harry and said "good luck with the third task."

The Third Task
Of course, Ron and Hermione had to know everything, right after he had written to Sirius. That night he looked at Neville sleeping and thought that the sympathy he often received for being an orphan Neville deserved more. His mind filled with all the bad things he had witnessed and realized Voldemort had done it all! Tired of walking in on the trio practicing spells all over the school, McGonagall let them use her empty classroom at lunchtimes. Harry learned the Impediment, Reductor, Four-Point and Shield charms. They saw Crabbe and Goyle keeping lookout while Malfoy talked into his hand held up to his mouth bit didn't know what he was doing. The morning of the 3rd task another Skeeter article came out calling Harry "Disturbed and Dangerous." She mentioned his "attack" in Divination and had experts testify he may have brain damage, evil parceltongue tendencies and a predilection for violence because of his giant and werewolf friends. "Gone off me a bit, hasn't she," is all Harry said but Hermione took it as another challenge to bring Skeeter down. When Harry mentioned "bugging" again she had a brainstorm and went off to check, nearly missing their History of Magic final exam. All of the Weasleys came to Hogwarts to support Harry except Percy who had been hauled in for questioning about not recognizing his own bosses handwriting. Diggory's parents were there, still not having forgiven Harry for Skeeter's article despite Cedric coming to his defense. Fudge was one of the judges and there were four patrollers around the outside in case of trouble.

A 20 foot high hedge in a maze had the cup placed in its center by Moody. Harry & Diggory went first, then Krum, then Fleur. Harry used the four-point spell to tell which way to go but had almost no obstacles despite meeting others who told of seeing Skrewts and spiders. He did meet a Dementor, which he used the Patronus on, only to find it was really a Boggart. Then an area of mist which inverted ground with sky making him feel he would fall into nothingness until he got brave enough to take a step and broke the enchantment. He heard Fleur scream in the distance then was attacked by a Skrewt which he couldn’t stop until a lucky spell got under its armor shell. He heard Krum use Crucio on Cedric and burned a small hole in the hedge so he could get through. He found Krum standing over Cedric and stupefied him. They sent up red sparks so the Skrewts wouldn't eat Krum and continued on. Harry met a sphinx and had to solve a riddle before he could continue on. He saw Cedric ahead of him running toward the cup, but toward an unseen (by him) acromanthia spider. He warned Cedric and shot a spell at the spider but it then turned on him. A razor-sharp pincer hurt his leg by holding him 12 feet in the air then dropping him. None of their spells worked until they both used Stupefy together in cooperation. Harry couldn't beat Cedric to the cup but he refused to take it because Harry had saved him. After arguing, they both agreed to take it together and found themselves being jerked somewhere behind their navel and being pulled onward in a howl of wind.

Flesh, Blood and Bone
They slammed into the ground in a graveyard many miles from Hogwarts and dropped the Tri-Wizard Cup portkey. There was an outline of a house on the hill to the left and a church beyond a large yew tree to the right. Cedric suggested "wands out" and they saw someone wearing a cloak and carrying a bundle like a baby. Suddenly Harry's scar exploded with pain and he fell to the ground, dropping his wand. A high voice said "Kill the spare", Wormtail used Avarda Kedavra and Cedric fell to the ground, dead. Wormtail slammed Harry against a marble headstone marked TOM RIDDLE and conjured tight cords to bind him tight. Nagini, the snake, circled around Harry's feet as he was gagged. Wormtail pushed a heavy stone cauldron to the front of the grave, full of something like water, and lit a fire under it. The surface of the cauldron boiled with sparks and steam. Then Wormtail dumped something into it which was in the shape of a human child, except that it was: hairless, scaly-looking, dark, raw, reddish black and thin with feeble arms and legs. It's face was flat and snakelike with gleaming red eyes-- and Harry prayed for it to drown.

Wormtail used enchantments to place three extra things into the sparkling pot. Bone of the father, unknowingly taken will renew your son; then Flesh of the servant, willing given (cutting off his own right hand) will revive your master; and, after stabbing Harry's arm with a knife, Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, will resurrect your foe. After a minute of boiling and sparking a surge of white steam billowed then subsided revealing a tall and skeletally thin man rising from the cauldron telling Wormtail to "robe him." It's skin was pale white, but had bright red eyes and a flat snake-like nose, with slits. The man stepped out and Harry "looked into the face that had haunted his nightmares for three years"-- Voldemort! [This is the shortest chapter JKR has written in the Harry Potter books-- 8 pages.]

The Death Eaters
Voldemort examined his new body caressingly completely ignoring everything else. Wormtail pled for the restoration of his had, as promised; but, instead Voldemort had him raise the sleeve on his left arm, found the Dark Mark burned into it, and pressed. It turned black as a signal for all his Death Eaters to appear to him. Our parents have their uses, he told Harry. Yours died defending you and I killed mine. The house on the hill belonged to his father's grandparents. A witch of the area fell in love with him and they were married; but, he left her when he found out she was a witch. His mother died giving birth and, with his fathers name- Tom Riddle, he ended up in an orphanage vowing vengeance. Death Eaters, all hooded, began appearing, and kneeling to kiss his robes before standing in a broken circle. Voldemort told them that he smelled "guilt," and chastised them for not coming to find him. Avery asked for forgiveness but was tortured with "Crucio" instead. Voldemort would expect 13 years service before he would forgive. He transfigured a replacement hand out of silver for Wormtail which was able to crush a twig into dust. He criticized Lucius Malfoy for running when his "faithful servant" conjured it at the Quidditch cup; but, then just said "I expect better." Voldemort walked around the circle. An empty space was for the Lestrange's who would be rewarded when he took over Azkaban. The Dementor's and giants will join us, he said, because they are our natural allies. Some Death Eaters weren't talked to but he stopped at Macnair, Crabbe, Goyle & Nott. The largest gap was for 6 persons: 3 dead, one too cowardly to return- will pay, one has left forever- will kill, one most faithful- already entered his service, at Hogwarts to "help" Harry come to them!

Malfoy asked Voldemort to tell them what had happened. Harry's mother had left upon him the traces of her sacrifice… an old magic that he had forgotten about… and he couldn't touch the boy. He demonstrated that he could "touch him now" by stroking his face with his long white finder and said it was because of using Harry's blood for his new body. He was "ripped from his body, was less than spirit, less than the meanest ghost and in pain; but, was still alive. He had only one power left, being able to posses the bodies of others. He hid in Albania, possessed animals- preferably snakes, and shortened their lives. He possessed foolish, gullible Quirrel but his plan was thwarted by Harry. Then Wormtail, who had faked his own death to escape justice, was driven from hiding by Lupin and Sirius and decided to seek Voldemort. He was helped by his rat friends and brought Bertha Jorkins with him. The memory charm that she had been under for years was broken; and, she told of "a faithful Death Eater," who would help, along with information about the Tri-Wizard tournament before she was killed. Wormtail followed instructions and, with "help from my dear Nagini" a potion was made from unicorn blood and snake venom that returned him to almost human form strong enough to travel.

Harry was protected by Dumbledore's magic, after his mothers sacrifice, better than even he knows. Voldemort used his one faithful Death Eater stationed at Hogwarts to see that Harry entered, participated and won the Tri-Wizard tournament and was brought by a Portkey to the graveyard. He pointed his wand at Harry and called "Crucio" producing unbelievable pain in Harry. When he finally released the curse he said that he wanted to prove he was better than Harry, in front of them all, by dueling and killing Harry. He told Wormtail to untie Harry and give him back his wand.

Priori Incantatem
Harry stood and Wormtail cut off the ropes. Voldemort picked up Harry's wand and gave it to him, with looking at him, then the Death Eaters closed ranks into a circle around them. Harry was outnumbered by at least 30 to one and the Death Eaters laughed when Voldemort used magic to force him to "bow" after he had refused. Before Harry could do anything to defend himself he was hit with the Cruciatus Curse causing him to scream and collapse into the wall of Death Eaters who pushed him back into the circle. Voldemort asked if Harry wanted him to do it again and, when Harry remained mute, tried the Imperious curse to force him to answer. That, however, was the one curse Moody had actually taught him to resist and he just answered "I WON'T." Voldemort raised his wand for another curse and Harry's reflexes got him rolling behind the marble headstone as it hit with a crack. Hiding there, Harry decided that if he was going to die he would do it upright like his father not kneeling at Voldemort's feet. He threw himself around the headstone and shouted "Expelliarmus" just as Voldemort cried "Avada Kedavra!" The simultaneous spells met and caused them to be linked with a vibrating beam of shimmering light. The two were raised into the air and came down on ground that was free of graves. The golden beam splintered into a crisscrossing dome all around them keeping the Death Eaters out. Voldemort ordered them to do nothing with his red eyes wide with astonishment. Suddenly there was a beautiful sound filling the air-- Phoenix song; and a voice filled his ear, "Don't break the connection."

As he saw beads of light on the beam move closer to his hand, Harry concentrated with all his might and they began moving in the other direction, toward Voldemort. When the beads hit Voldemort's hand they began emitting very solid looking "shadow's" of his wands spells, in reverse order. First screams from the Cruciatus curse, then Wormtail's hand, and the bodies of Cedric Diggory, Frank Bryce, Bertha Jorkins, his mother and his father. [The wrong order, JKR claims an editing error] They all gave him encouragement and many prowled around Voldemort, whose face was livid with fear, preventing him from hearing what was said to Harry. His father told him that he should break the spell and get to the Portkey which would return him to Hogwarts. He said that they would linger only for awhile but would be long enough to give him time. Cedric asked him to "take his body back to my parents." Harry lifted his wand and ran, knocking over two Death Eaters and dodging their curses. Voldemort called for them to "stun him" but Harry called "Impedimenta" knocking over at least one. He dove over the cup and rolled to Cedric's body grabbing hold of his wrist. Voldemort screamed for them to "stand aside! I will kill him, he's mine." Just as Voldemort raised his wand, Harry called "Accio," at the cup and heard Voldemort's scream of fury simultaneously with the jerk behind his navel produced by the Portkey. They were going back!

Harry slammed painfully into the grass on the Hogwarts grounds face down, exhausted, in shock, with the breath knocked out of him and still clutching tightly to Cedric and the Cup. The garbled voices cleared and he found Fudge exclaiming "he's dead" and trying to pry Cedric from his grasp. Finally Dumbledore arrived and, when Harry explained that "he wanted me to bring his body back," lifted him to his feet with strength and tenderness. Fudge wanted to take Harry to the hospital so he didn't have to face Cedric's parents. Dumbledore told Harry to "stay here" then spoke to the Diggory's. Moody came and pulled/carried him through the crowd and to his office while Harry disjointedly muttered explanation of… Voldemort back… Graveyard… killed Cedric… Death Eaters came… we dueled… my wand did something funny… and, saw my mom and dad. Moody locked his office door, gave Harry a drink then carefully began questioning him for information. Gradually he revealed that it was he, not Karkaroff, who had: entered Harry in the tournament, frightened people who were trying to hurt him, had Hagrid show you the dragons, told Cedric to open it under water, had Dobby bring gillyweed, made the cup a portkey and imperioused Krum to make the way clear to the cup. He had his wand pointing at Harry's heart, angry that Voldemort didn't punish the "unfaithful scum" Death Eaters and said that he would be "closer than a son" to Voldemort when he killed Harry for him.

As he raised his wand, a cry of "stupefy" blasted through the door from several wands and Dumbledore entered more "terrible than Harry could imagine" with "cold fury in every line of his ancient face" and "radiating a sense of power as though giving off burning heat." He told everyone that Harry deserved to know the "real Moody" and who had done this to him. He had McGonagall take "Snuffles" to his office and Snape retrieve his veritas serum and Winky. He opened all the seven locks on the trunk, in turn, and found the "real" Moody, unconscious at the bottom of an underground room. The hip flask was found to contain polyjuice potion they had been making from Moody's hair all year. As the potion wore off, the stupefied man on the floor began to change, loosing his false leg and eye, back into the pale-skinned, slightly freckled, fair-haired boy in the Pensieve who claimed he was innocent-- Crouch's son!

Winky wept uncontrollably and clung to him as he was re-"innervated" and given the truth serum. Under it's effects he disclosed Voldemort's whole plot. His dying mother had convinced his father to let her change places with him under polyjuice potion. She died in Azkaban and, being blind, the Dementor's thought it was him. His father kept him under the imperious curse, an invisibility cloak and guarded by Winky for years. Bertha Jorkins had accidentally found out their secret during a visit and his father had modified her memory so strong that it made her forgetful. Winky brow beat his father into letting her take him to the World Cup under an invisibility cloak and he came out of the curse long enough to steal Harry's wand before she magically bound him to her. He was able to drag her into the forest where he set of the Dark Mark but was stupefied. His father found him and returned him to his home. Jorkins had accidentally seen Wormtail in an Albanian bar so he imperioused her and found Voldemort. They extracted information from her before killing her then set Crouch Jr. free, placing his father under the Imperious curse. They captured Moody and Voldemort placed him at Hogwarts to see that Harry won the tournament and was sent to the graveyard. His father shook off the curse and escaped; but, watching the Marauders Map, he was able to see his father return, stupefy Krum, kill his father and eventually transfigure his body into a bone and bury it at Hagrid's. He turned the cup into a portkey and cursed obstacles out of Harry's way using his magical eye. As Winky wailed and sobbed at his side he said that Voldemort would "honor him beyond the dreams of wizards."

The Parting of the Ways
Dumbledore disgustedly produced ropes from his wand and tied Crouch; then, asked McGonagall to stand guard while he and Harry went to his office. He had Snape get Madame Pomfrey for the real Moody and bring Fudge to question Crouch himself. They would all meet in the hospital wing in a 30 minutes. When they arrived in his office, Sirius was there, pale and gaunt. As Dumbledore told Sirius everything Harry, nearly exhausted, could hardly stay awake. Fawkes flew to Harry's shoulder and sang a soft, quivering, note which enabled Harry to explain what had happened after he touched the portkey. He told of the potion, and Voldemort, and the Death Eaters and Cedric's body with much difficulty. Sirius' hand was still tight on Harry's shoulder to give him strength. When he reached the part about Wormtail cutting him for blood Sirius exclaimed and Dumbledore stood quickly to examine him. "He said my blood would make him stronger than if he'd used someone else's," Harry explained, "and my mom's protection would now be in him too." Harry thought he saw a gleam of triumph in Dumbledore's eye. He told them of the Duel and the golden beam of light but couldn't go on. Dumbledore finished his thought by suggesting that Cedric, Bertha Jorkins and others came out of his wand including his mom and dad. It was Priori Incantatem, he said, when two "brother" wands, sharing the same core, are forced to duel, one forces the other to regurgitate spells it has performed in kind of "reverse echo." After explaining about what the figures did, Harry, again, couldn't continue. Fawkes flew to the floor and rested its beautiful head against Harry's injured leg, and thick, pearly tears were falling from its eyes onto the wound left by the spider. As the Phoenix flew back to its perch, Dumbledore complimented Harry for his bravery and they all went back to the hospital wing (Sirius as a dog).

The Weasley's and Hermione were there but Dumbledore stopped them from questioning Harry. A sleeping potion was given to Harry but he drank only a sip before exhaustion put him to sleep. He awoke a few minutes later to Fudge and McGonagall's angry voices. Instead of questioning Crouch, Fudge had stupidly brought a Dementor who immediately performed the "soul sucking" kiss. Fudge desperately trying to defend his indefensible actions refused to believe that Voldemort was back! He claimed that Crouch was a lunatic acting on his own, and when Harry tried to intervene, Fudge claimed that Harry was not sane either because of his scar. Harry gave the names of the Death Eaters which only flustered Fudge more claiming they all had been cleared. McGonagall called him "a fool" and Fudge, angrily, said that they were all just "determined to start a panic what will destabilize everything we hade worked for these last thirteen years!" Calmly, Dumbledore said that they should remove the Dementor's from Azkaban and send envoys to the giants; but Fudge became mute with outrage. Dumbledore told him that he was "blinded by the love of the office and placed too much importance on the purity of blood instead of what they grow to be." If he followed his advice, Dumbledore said, Fudge would be remembered as a great and brave Minister of Magic. If he failed to act, he would be remembered "as the man who stepped aside and allowed Voldemort a second chance." Even Snape showed how his Dark Mark had gotten dark when Voldemort had used it to summon the Death Eaters. Still stubbornly gripping his foolish denial Fudge threw Harry his bag of winnings and left saying he would be in touch with Dumbledore "to discuss the running of the school."

Bill, who said he supported Dumbledore, volunteered to inform his father to try and persuade as many as he could at the Ministry without alarming Fudge. McGonagall was to have Hagrid and Maxime come to his office, and Madame Pomfrey to assist Winky in getting to the kitchens where Dobby would look after her. Once they had left he asked Sirius to change back to a man which startled, and angered Snape. Failing to get them to forgive each other, Dumbledore settled for them "just shaking hands." Sirius was sent to alert the "old crowd," Lupin, Figg, and Fletcher, and to lay low at Lupin's for awhile. Dumbledore asked Snape if he was "ready, and prepared, to do what he knew he must." His cold, black eyes glittered strangely and he replied that he "was ready" and left. Dumbledore left to speak with the Diggory's. When Mrs. Weasley had Harry take the rest of the potion, his eyes began to sting and feelings he had been fighting all night welled up in his eyes and throat. Mrs. Weasley put her arms around him and he had to fight the tears as he had no memory of ever being held by a mother. Just then a loud slamming noise came from Hermione standing by the window and holding something in her hand. The sleeping potion took effect instantaneously and "he though no more."

The Beginning
For many months afterward, Harry's memories of that night were at best, scattered; but, always painful, especially his meeting with Cedric's parents the next day. They didn't blame him and were grateful he had brought Cedric's body back to them. His mother consoled her weeping husband by observing that "he died just when he'd won the tournament so he must have been happy." Harry offered them his unwanted sack of winnings but they wouldn't take it. After Dumbledore's request that the students not badger Harry for details, most of them avoided him--probably believing Skeeter's article. His most comfortable times were with Ron and Hermione just sitting quiet, playing chess or talking about something else. They seemed to have an unspoken understanding that it was useless to speculate until they knew something for certain and were just awaiting some word from outside Hogwarts. Mrs. Weasley asked Dumbledore if Harry could come directly to their house for the summer but was told that Harry had to go to the Dursley's, at least at first, and no reason was given.

Without DADA lessons they visited Hagrid and found that he had been entertaining "Olympe"-- Madame Maxime. He told Harry that "of course yer not right, but you will be." Most people knew Voldemort was coming back, he said. And, "as long as we have Dumbledore," he said, "I'm not worried." His chest swelling with pride, Hagrid continued, "Yeh did as much as yer father would've done, an' I can' give yeh no higher praise than that." Harry smiled back for the first time in days. To their questioning, Hagrid admitted he had been given a job to do over the summer and hoped to have Maxime go with him. Harry was dreading the leaving feast but found subdued decorations of mourning for Cedric. The "real" Moody was at the staff table and very "twitchy." Karkaroff was gone; however, Snape was there and looked at Harry with an unreadable expression in his eyes but a sour expression on his face. Harry watched him, long after Snape had looked away, wondering what it was that he had done on Dumbledore's orders-- "at great personal risk," as he had heard in the Pensieve. Cho was crying as Dumbledore asked them to "raise their classes" to Cedric and spoke in his tribute. He said that, although the ministry wanted to keep it quiet, they deserved to know that Cedric was killed by Voldemort. Everyone was stunned except Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. He asked for a toast to Harry Potter, as well, having escaped and bringing Cedric back. All, but the Slytherin's, did so. Dumbledore then closed with a plea for cooperation and friendship, to fight the discord that Voldemort would spread.

Fleur said, "I 'ope we will see each uzzer again," to Harry and shook hands. Krum wanted a word with Hermione and they overheard her say "Oh… yes… all right." On the train, Harry felt like Dumbledore's speech had "unblocked him" somehow making it easier to talk. Hermione said that the Daily Prophet hadn't reported anything about Voldemort and that Harry had given her the clue which allowed her to "capture" Skeeter, an unregistered Animagus. Skeeter could turn herself into a beetle, which had been "bugging" them all year, and was now trapped inside a magically protected bottle that Hermione showed them. She caught her on the hospital wing's window sill, Hermione said, and had told Skeeter she had to stop writing for a year or be reported to the Ministry. Malfoy and his buddies paid their usual sneering, hateful, visit to Harry's compartment and, just as he started to malign Cedric, spells came banging from every direction, knocking them unconscious in the doorway. Ron, Hermione, Fred and George had all joined him in throwing spells. They lifted Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle into the luggage rack. Fred and George finally confessed that they had been trying to get Bagman to replace the gold he had paid them, because it was Leprechaun and had disappeared. He was broke from his wager with the Goblins that Harry would win (he only tied) and now they were after him. When he got them alone, Harry gave Fred and George his tournament winnings to start their joke shop because "we all could do with a few laughs." Mrs. Weasley hugged him, saying that Dumbledore would probably let him come to their house in the summer, and Hermione kissed him on the cheek. He followed Uncle Vernon to his car in silence and remembered Hagrid's advice that: "what would come, would come"… and he would have to meet it when it did.