SCARPquiz on
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

SCARPquiz Number Six


Explanation of answers

1- None of the above
The Minister of Magic routinely visits the Prime Minister after being announced by the portrait of a "frog-like" man in a wig, certainly a relative (if not first cousin) to the toad-like Deloris. Fudge turned a teacup into a gerbil to prove that he was a wizard and Kingsly Shacklebolt, an auror, had been serruptitiously implanted as his secretary.
2- Number 1 only
Scrimgeour followed Fudge's lead in demanding to talk to Harry in order to bolster people's perception of their value. The damage in Somerset was really a giant; Voldemort personally killed Amelia Bones; Herbert Chorley was demented by a poor imperious charm; and, the mist was from Dementors breeding.
3- Number 4
Narcissa did NOT tell Snape of Voldemorts plan, as she intended to do. Snape said he already knew of the plan.
4- More than four
Although it is not his characteristic to criticize, there were at least: Not inviting him in the door, not offering him refreshment, not drinking the refreshment offered, never treating Harry like a son and damaging their own son Dudley.
5- None of the above are NOT true
He was head of Slytherin house which meant that he attended Slytherin as a student. The Weasley's didn't like him because they had been shunned by him during their school years. Harry was ashamed of him for cowardly hiding when Sirius had desperately tried to get out of hiding and he only went to Aragog's funeral in order to get the poison to sell. He only told Riddle about Horcruxes but said he didn't know the spell.
6- The form of the patronus.
Although Harry has been asked that repeatedly it was never given as a secret question. Dumbledore likes Rasberry jam, Arthur wants to know how airplane's stay up and Molly likes to be called 'Mollywobbles." Go figure.
7- Punching Telescopes
Hermione found the telescope in Fred and George's bedroom. They said they had forgotten about it and it wasn't ready for sale yet.
8- Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder
That was sold by the Weasley's. They imported it from Peru. All the rest have been mentioned as being in Borgin and Burke's.
9- Slughorn
He might have helped if he had given the mead to Dumbledore as he planned; but, he forgot. Hermione gave Malfoy the idea to smuggle in the poison under Filtches nose and to use the protean charmed coin. Fred and George sold the instant darkness powder. Rosmurta was imperioused and Katie was delivering the necklace. Greyback frightened Borgin into submission.
10- Opuggno
Hermione used that spell to cause her canaries to attack Ron after he interrupted her talk with Harry. All of the remainder were helpful to Harry from the annotations in the Half-Blood Prince's book.
11- Snape and the Half-Blood Prince
If you don't know the answer to this one you had better read the book over again! Snape and Half-Blood are the same person so that is the best answer. Fenrir wanted and even tried to kill him but was blasted away. And, as far as answer number four? Get a grip! Only in the world of some bleeding-heart, liberal, Democrat, existential Social-Worker!