SCARPquiz on
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

SCARPquiz Number Seven


Explanation of answers

1- Voldemort did NOT switch wands with Lucius.
He took it from him thereby stripped him of his standing in the "Eaters." Snape did have continued knowledge of Order plans. Uncharacteristic as it was, Voldemort did take blame for Harry's previous escapes, and had tortured knowledge about wands from Ollivander. He tortured and killed Charity Burbage for her defense of Muggle's, and the Malfoy's did have an albino Peacock (which, although mentioned twice, seemed to have no further bearing on the story.)
2- Harry did NOT know that he would never see them again
He only knew that, being of age, he could never consider Privet Drive his home again. In fact he was almost nostalgic about the place when talking with Hedwig, and had told Dudley "maybe" he would see him again and to "take care, Big D." Vernon didn't like not being in control and considered his new situation: "no win." Petunia, as we found, was still in turmoil over her past, repressed, feelings. Dudley actually could have had a change of heart brought about by his near death; or, it could have been that he just wised up enough to realize that Harry was pretty much his families only source of security.
3- Harry did NOT curse Voldemort's wand
A bit 'sneaky' question, but even though Harry did avoid 3 killing spells, it was his wand which acted completely on its own to defend Harry; The "trace" is placed on all 11-year old children when they get their first wand to track any magic which occurs around them; All listed took the potion, though Mundungus had to be coerced; All six, who now had Harry's body, were "much to willing" to undress him in front of the others; Twelve houses were magically protected, in case spy's were watching; There were over 30 Eaters for 14 of them; Stan, recruited from Azkaban, recognized Harry by his use of his 'signature' Expelliarmus spell.
4- They all occurred
George and Lupin were attacked by Snape and another Death Eater. Snape used Sectumsempra which permanently removed Georges ear. Hagrid's feelings were hurt that he hadn't been asked any identity questions- but, anyone who used a hair from him would have suffered, like Hermione did, using the cat's hair. Ollivander was tortured when Harry destroyed Lucius' wand, for deliberately withholding information. In reality, no one would have known what Harry's wand would do. Instead of casting spells like all the other decoy's did, 'Dung' ran away, leaving Moody's back uncovered to Voldemort. Dumbledore actually told Kingsley and Lupin, which is why they used it to identify each other. Hermione rarely believes what Harry tells her, and she didn't here either; and, she ragged on him, continually, for not performing Occlumency
5- None of the above (a double negative)
Do you think she would go without ALL her books and potions? Her new romantic attachment to Ron has made them very familiar, at least enough for her to do his wash and packing of underclothing.
6- Making a Horcrux IS reversible
The book on Horcruxes that Hermione stole from Dumbledore's office said that "only true remorse" would allow the soul to re-combine with the split portion. Spattergroit IS so contagious that the Death Eaters who checked up on Ron's excuse didn't even go near the ghoul. There became 20 secret keepers to Grimmauld Place after Dumbledore's death. Only Griffindor's sword, Basilisk fang, and FiendFyre were mentioned as capable of destroying Horcruxes. Being an anti-human the Horcrux fragment is dependant upon its container and instead of living on after its 'body' dies, it is destroyed; until then it can flit in and out of someone who gets to emotionally close to it for a prolonged time. A Mokeskin bag only delivers its contents to the person who put them in. The magical 'flesh memory' charm on the Snitch is to resolve any disputes on who touched it first; in this case it remembered Harry's mouth, which is where he caught it.
7- It was the bedroom not the bathroom
Harry saw a chamber pot under the bed; The mark of the Hallows was Grindelwald's sign, emblazoned on the wall at Durmstrang, but also worn by Lovegood, who was a seeker of the Hallows; Aberforth and Albus argued at Ariana's funeral; Hermione practiced the spell on the Death Eaters which had "traced" them to the Muggle diner; Kreacher was summoned to the kitchen, by his nest, in Grimmauld Place; Mundungus was selling illegally in Diagon Alley; after Voldemort's take over, employees had to flush themselves down a toilet to enter the Ministry; Umbridge was using Moody's eye as a peep-hole to spy on her employees; they used extendable-ears on a group of men and goblins by a river; and, the Peverell family lived in Godric's Hollow which is why Grindelwald met Dumbledore.
8- Ron did not discover the Deluminator's true use
Ron actually discovered its use the day before. It took him to a forest where he couldn't find them. It wasn't until after they had moved to the Forest of Dean, that Ron found them; It was Christmas vacation and Ginny was not at Hogwarts; Harry later saw in Snape's memories that Phineas had brought news about their location and he and Dumbledore put their plan into action; It was winter and the pond had ice on it; Hermione vented weeks of pent up anger and Harry had to use Protego; In Voldemort's attempt to prevent Ron from killing the Horcrux he transfigured into Harry and Hermione kissing and taunting him; Ron gave Harry the extra wand that he had taken from the snatchers which Hermione determined was made of blackthorn
9- The Erumpent Horn and Gryffindor's Sword
The Deluminator was hand-made by Dumbledore and uniquely does transmit voice when someone speaks the holders name; All the Deathly Hallows are unique, made by the Peverell brothers. While all wands 'choose' their loyalties, this one acts heavily on theft and murder; The Peverell cloak does not have the usual charms on it so it is unique. It resists destruction, provides some protection and is not 'accio-able'; Even though Griphook stole the wand from Harry, the Sorting Hat, personally made by Godric Gryffindor, produced it for Neville; No, all erumpent horns are extremely dangerous explosives, so it is NOT unique; The stone, as a Hallow, uniquely brings those it's owner cares about back from the dead into a difficult existence; It's true, the sword never needs to be cleaned; but, that is a common property of all goblin made silver, and not unique to the sword.
10- Seek personal gain
4- It was Griphook who told Harry that IF there ever would be a wizard he thought altruistic - Harry would be the one; 1- Dumbledore's last words to Lupin and Kingsley; 2- Said to Ron in his will; 3- Sentiment he placed on his mother and sister's grave stone; 5- said in a letter to Gellert Grindelwald about wizards 'having the right to rule'; 6- To Grindelwald about his brother and sister; 7- To Snape after he had requested Voldemort not to kill Lily; 8- Said to shame Snape into helping protect Harry; 9- To Snape regarding his courage and having been placed in Slytherin; 10- to Harry at the 'Celestial King's Cross Station'; 11- to Harry
11- Rowling only knows.
Oi... It's a bonus!