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SCARPnotes is taking applications for the position(s) of:

"Volunteer Muggle translator and editor"

This is a significant position which will report directly to Dr. Scarpin himself.

The successful candidates must be literate in Muggle habits and preferences, in addition to having language skills. He/she must have either: a N.E.W.T in "muggle studies"; or, experience in Muggle writing with at least a working knowledge of the wizarding world. No knowledge of web publishing is needed; but, the ability to spend a few hours to complete a project is important.

Individuals wishing to apply should submit a letter of intent to: Dr. Robert R. Scarpin's SCARPnotes

volunteer job application [potter.scarpnotes(at) - subject = Muggle translator application]

Please include your name, location, education, and an attached sample of your writing - either a quick synopsis paragraph of any chapter in the Harry Potter series of books or a previously written school essay or short story. (NOTE: the first word in the email subject line must remain the same or the email won't be delivered)