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Other Harry Potter Web Sites

-- Official and Un-official --

Official Harry Potter Sites:

J.K.Rowling Official Site

This is the "only true and correct" Harry Potter site from the "Real" keeper of the keys!

Scholastic Publishing

The publishing companies Harry Potter site. Pronunciation, glossary - for kids.

Warner Brothers

The official Warner Brothers Harry Potter movie site. Very professionally done multimedia site with lots of eye candy and very slow loading.

Raincoast Books (Canadian Publisher)

A good little site with more than Potter books.

Bloomsbury Publishing

A heavy graphic site of one of the publishers. Extremely slow loading with lots of eye candy.

Harry Potter Reference Sites:

The Harry Potter Lexicon

Excellent reference site - probably the most complete of any site. Guest authors do get a bit esoteric for my taste at times; but, hey, if you want to know it, it's here.

Harry Potter Facts Harry Potter Facts

A good reference site with ton's of cross references to persons, places and things. Some speculations and "wonderings."

Harry Potter News and Gossip Sites:

Visit! Mugglenet

They say that they are the "Ultimate Harry Potter Site" and they probably are - at least when you consider the incredible amount of input they get from seemingly all avenues of Harry Potter'dom. It is a commercial site about the movies, gossip, books, opinions etc.

HP FanZone

Similar to Mugglenet in looks. A good compilation of the latest HP news and happenings - both books and movies.

Marauders Map

The source for 'Ask Luna' and other aggregated news. Quotes, wizard info and forums.

Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator

A commercial site automated to aggregate news related to Harry Potter from other web sites. Wants to use pop-ups and pop-unders.


A commercial site with lots of eye candy devoted to most things "Potter" relating heavily to multimedia. Slow loading for "regular" modems.

Godric's Hollow

A commercial fan site with lots of eye candy. Gossip, polls, forums, chats groups etc.

The Leaky Cauldron

This is a site with a long Harry Potter history and recognition from JKR. Lots of good stuff - big staff - although a bit esoteric at times.

Sir-links-alot: Harry Potter links

A huge, I mean huge, collection of Potter links of all kinds; BUT, heavily advertised, slow to load and mostly redundant.

Master Froggy

Master Froggy's encyclopedia of all things Potter.

HP Mainly Movies sites

Dan Radcliffe

The personal site of Dan Radcliffe who is to date the primary actor in the movie version of Harry Potter.

Emma Watson personal home page

The personal site of Emma Watson who is to date a key actress in the movie version of Harry Potter. Very, Very slow loading!

Rupert Grint personal site

The personal site of Rupert Grint who is to date a key actor in the movie versions of Harry Potter.

Jamie Waylett personal site

The personal site Jamie Waylett who, to date, playes Vincent Crabbe in the movie version of Harry Potter. Pretty much all about himself.

Harry Potter Web Casualties:

Slytherin Selection

Well animated site heavily supportive of Snape, Slytherin and Potter'dom -- closed after book seven.

The Snitch

A commercial site devoted primarily to the movies it's stars and gossip. A bit slow loading for me.

What's YOUR favorite link?

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