SCARPquiz on
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

SCARPquiz Number Five


Explanation of answers

1- To listen to the evening news on television.
Being around his foster parents was so distressing he had to find other ways of listening for news about the returned Lord Voldemort
2- She saw them.
That's what she told Fudge; however, according to JKR, she is a squibb and as such cannot see dementors. She most certainly could FEEL them.
3- Millicent Bagnold
This was mentioned in the book. No other information given about the lady however.
4- On the second floor
It was the "size" of a broom cupboard, through the Auror's office, and most definitely NOT in it's own building.
5- Removed his order of Merlin
Fudge accomplished all of the first three; EXCEPT he was only "thinking about" removing his Order of Merlin.
6- All except seven
The actual count was seven so that is the best answer.
7- Fainting Fancies
They invented all the others, and tested them all on first-years, but Hermione only threatened them with a letter on the Fancies.
8- Two of the listed
Her father is "editor" of the "Quibbler" (not daily quibbler), wand is behind her "left" ear (left handed), wears butterbeer "caps" on her necklace, wore her hat "at the game" - no mention in the school, thinks Hagrid is "a bit of an idot"; but, is blond and always "looks suprised."
9- saw all "EXCEPT" none
A reverse question- sorry!
10- Four hit her
Quite a bit to handle at her age.
11- He actually said everything - i.e. "except" -> "none"
Again a "reverse" question. (This one was submitted by Prof. Snape)
12- Neville poked Malfoy
Everything mentioned did happen EXCEPT that it was Harry who poked Malfoy through his mask's eyehole.
13- EXCEPT none
Dumbledore told Harry all of the things mentioned in their yearly end-of-school interview.