SCARPquiz on
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

SCARPquiz Number One


Explanation of answers

1- Day after Halloween
Harry's parents were killed on Halloween night and Dumbledore didn't arrive at Privet drive until after midnight, Hagrid after that
2- Eight
Letters from McGonagall arrived for eight days. There were at LEAST 182 in all, but the motel clerk said "over a hundred"
3- Harry sleeping on the floor by the fire
All are true except that there was no fire. The Dursley's couldn't start one so Harry huddled on the floor in front of the firePLACE, trying to keep warm.
4- The fifth option correct.
Harry's hair regrowth was a memory of his childhood, from before setting the snake free. Ragnock was a goblin at Gringott's so was after meeting Quirrell in the tavern. Harry first met Malfoy in Madame Malkin's robe shop in Diagon Alley, Ron much later on the Hogwarts train.
5- Harry climbed to the top of the tower
Harry didn't know how he got to the top of the tower. Dudley's gang was "Harry hunting" and he tried to avoid them by hiding behind some trash bins. His magic ability 'protected' him to the top of the tower.
6- None of the above
All of the items are true so, this being an EXCEPT question, it makes "None of the above" the correct answer.
7- Both A and B are true
Ollivander said that Lilly's willow wand was good for charms while his fathers Mahogany was best at transfiguration. The usefullness of Voldemort's yew, Harry's holly and Hagrid's Oak were not mentioned.
8- There are 673 types of Quidditch fouls.
Everyone knows that there are 700 types of Quidditch fouls and they all occurred in one game, don't they?
9- None of the above
Everyone acts just as described. We know how most of the people act and we even can get a feeling for the reasons behind some others. Dumbledore acts evasive sometimes and actually said that he wouldn't answer all Harry's questions. Not lying isn't the same as telling the full truth. Petunia showed she was jealous of the attention her parents showed her sister. Hagrid often doesn't believe what Harry tells him. Snape's unexplained anger toward Harry is extended to anyone who gets in his way without consideration of fairness or consequences to others. Both Draco and Dudley take the easy way out and they are the "kings" of their world trying to build themselves up by tearing others down. Arrogance and self-centeredness frequently stem from feelings of inadequacy. It must be noticed that it takes a lot for Harry to make a judgment about someone, and he is not like Ron, who stumbles frequently into rudeness; rather, he often shows acceptance to those who others make fun of.
10- Norbert a Welsh Green dragon.
All of the statements are true except that Norbert was a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon.
11- Fang and Malfoy
There is a difference between being afraid and being a coward. A coward runs away when his friends or companions are depending upon him. A despicable coward, makes it worse on the people he is leaving behind while he is escaping. By his actions, Malfoy is explaining to us, why he always acts so arrogant, and self-centered-- he knows he's a coward and is probably ashamed of it.
12- Turn lead into gold and produce the 'philosopher's stone'
The 'sorcerer's stone' is a complete figment of the Scholastic book editor's imagination who suceeded in convincing the author that American children would be 'turned off' by even the mention of the word 'philosopher.'
13- Draco Malfoy
Malfoy is such a coward that he wouldn't set himself against anything that had a chance of fighting back. Bane and Ronan were incensed that Firenze had given Harry a ride on his back; and, it wasn't Hagrid who said it - although it is most certainly something he 'would have' said.
14- Harry killing Quirrell
Only in the movie is Harry ever shown killing Quirrell so Voldemort had to leave. Harry did grab Quirrels face but was able to pull away from Harry's grasp. Harry became unconscious just as Quirrell was raising his arm to perform the Avarda Kedavra curse. He never did see what happened. All of the other actions occurred for the reason's given. Harry's mother's ultimate love sacrifice is a key element to the continued story found in subsequent books.
15- They found Fluffy already asleep
Again, only in the movie was Fluffy shown already asleep from harp music. It was really Harry using the flute which Hagrid had hand carved for him as a Christmas present which put fluffy to sleep.