Quotes from
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

-- Quotes of Notoriety and Significance --

Book One
Surely a sensible person like yourself can call him by his name. All this 'you-know-who' nonsense… for eleven years I have been trying to persuade people to call him by his proper name: Voldemort! It all gets so confusing if we keep saying 'you-know-who.' I have never seen any reason to be frightened of saying Voldemort's name.… Albus Dumbledore to McGonagall
… you're different (than the rest of us). Everyone knows you're the only one You-Know- oh, all right, Voldemort, was frightened of… [Voldemort had powers I will never have] Only because you're too… well… noble to use them.… Minerva McGonagall to Albus Dumbledore
It would be enough to turn any boy's head. Famous before he can walk and talk! Can't you see how much better off he'll be, growing up away from all that until he's ready to take it? … They're all the family he has left.… Albus Dumbledore to McGonagall
You're a wizard, o' course. And a thumpin' good'un I'd say, once yeh've been trained up a bit. With a mum an' dad like yours, what else would yeh be?… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
You-Know-Who killed your parents… and tried to kill you… but he couldn't… took care o' yer mum an' dad an' yer hourse, even… but it didn't work on you, an' tha's why yer famous… no on ever lived after he decided ter kill 'em, no one except you.… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
Never wondered how you got that mark on yer forehead? That was no ordinary cut. That's what yeh get when a powerful, evil curse touches yeh… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
Some said he died. Codswallop, in my opinion. Dunno if he had enough human left in him to die… somethin' about you finished him, Harrry… somethin' that he hadn't counted on.… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
I don't know how Muggles manage without magic!… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
Stalagmites got an 'm' innit… an' don' ask me questions just now, I think I'm gonna be sick!… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
You saw what people were like when they saw you… what does he know… some o' the best I ever saw were the only ones with magic in 'em in a long line o' Muggles… look at yer mum! Look what she had fer a sister!… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin… there's not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin. You-Know-Who was one!… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
You have your mothers eyes… she had a willow wand, for charms… your father had a mahogany wand, for transfiguration… the phoenix whose tail feather is in your wand, gave another feather… just one other… its brother gave you that scar… I think we must expect great things from you, Mr. Potter.… Mr Ollivander to Harry
Everyone starts at the beginning at Hogwarts, you'll be just fine. Just be yerself. I know its hard. Yeh've been singled out, an' that's always hard. But yeh'll have a great time at Hogwarts… I did… still do, 'smatter of fact.… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry
I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks.… Harry to Draco Malfoy on the Hogwarts express
I'd like to say a few words: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!… Albus Dumbledore to studentbody
Ah, music, a magic beyond all we do here!… Albus Dumbledore to studentbody
There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.… JKR to readers after Harry and Ron had saved Hermione from the troll.
It is Strange how nearsighted being invisible can make you.… Albus Dumbledore to Harry
Harry- never having known his family, saw them standing around you;. Ron- always overshadowed by his brothers, saw himself standing alone, the best of them; and I, see myself with some thick woolen socks.… Albus Dumbledore to Harry
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that..… Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter
One can never have enough socks. Another Christmas come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.… Albus Dumbledore to Harry
It was Voldemort who taught me that there is no good or evil… only power… and those too weak to seek it.… Quirrell to Harry Potter about the deepest evil of all
To the Flamels death is like going to bed after a very, very long day. After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure. You know, the Stone was really not such a wonderful thing. As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all- the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them.… Albus Dumbledore to Harry
The truth… It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution. However, I shall answer your questions unless I have a very good reason not to, in which case I beg you'll forgive me. I shall not, of course, lie.… Albus Dumbledore to Harry
Voldemort has not gone. He is still out there… looking for another body to share… not being truly alive, he cannot be killed. He left Quirrell to die; he shows just as little mercy to his followers as his enemies.… Albus Dumbledore to Harry about Voldemort
While you may only have delayed his return to power, it will merely take someone else who is prepared to fight what seems like a loosing battle next time— and he may never return to power.… Albus Dumbledore to Harry about Voldemort
If there is one thing that Voldemort doesn't understand, it is love. He didn't understand that love, as powerful as your mother's for you, leaves its own mark… to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will bive us some protection forever. It is in your very skin… and to someone full of hatred, greed and ambition, it is agony to touch a person marked by something so good.… Albus dumbledore to Harry about his mother
They detested each other… because your father did something Snape could never forgive… he saved his life. He worked hard to protect you this year… thinking it would make him and your father even, and he could get back to hating your father's memory in peace…… Albus Dumbledore to Harry about Snape and his father, James
I think he wanted to give me a chance… he knows more or less everything that goes on here… he knew we were going to try and, instead of stopping us, taught us enough to help… it wasn't an accident he let me find out how the mirror worked… almost like he thought I had the right to face Voldemort if I could…… Harry to Ron and Hermione about Dumbledore's deliberately giving them the invisibility cloak
This is Voldemort we're talking about… he'd of found out, even if you hadn't of told him… VOLDEMORT!... I've met him and I'm calling him by his name… cheer up, have a chocolate frog…… Harry Potter to a tearful Hagrid who was blaming himself
Sent owls off ter all yer parents' old school friends, askin' fer photos… knew yeh didn' have any… d'yeh like it?… Rubeus Hagrid to Harry about the photo album he had made
There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.… Albus Dumbledore to the studentbody