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SCARPnotes for the book
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Table of Contents

   I. Key Facts Portus
  II. Plot Overview Portus
 III. Context- with commentary by Rita Skeeter Portus
  IV. Summary and Analysis of Chapters (Updating) Portus
   V. Character List and Analysis Portus
  VI. Themes, Motifs and Symbols Portus
 VII. Important Quotations Portus
VIII. Study Questions and Essay Topics (production) Portus
  IX. Review and Resources Portus
   X. Quiz (in production) Portus

Key Facts

Full title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author: Joanna Kathleen (J. K.) Rowling
Type of Work: Part four of a seven part Novel, containing 190,637 words in 37 chapters.
Genre: Fantasy, Children's
Language: English
Time and Place Written: Late 1990's to 2000
First Publication Date: July 2000
Publisher: Great Britain: Bloomsbury Children's books; US: Arthur A. Levine Books an imprint of Scholastic inc.
Narrator: A detached third person close, but not in, the action
Point of View: The narrator, who is omniscient, remains with Harry's point of view throughout the book.
Tone: This is the most "dark" and intense book of the series to date. It is a children's fantasy book with fairly straight-forward language but the sense of danger crescendos through the book.
Tense: Past
Settings (time): Although in the beginning the books never actually gave an exact date for the school years, the large fan base extensively researched internal clues and, through deductive reasoning, calculated Harry's birth date. Most likely to shut off the large amount of speculation, the author (JKR) gave a tangential reference to a "real" date which then gave credence to the calculations. Some of the specific's remain "magical" however as the author's references still do not always coincide with a normal calendar; for example, the school year always begins on September 1st, and it's always a Monday, of every school year. This books action takes place during Harry's fourth school year at Hogwarts from September 1st 1993 (Monday) to the end of June 1994. (Following the release of the 7th book - JKR gave Dumbledore's actual death year as 1996, the end of Harry's 6th year).
Setting (place): Surrey and London England, and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Protagonists: Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore
Antagonists: Voldemort, Barty Crouch Jr
Major conflict: Harry had to unravel an unknown plot against him from an unknown source, and escape three opportunities for death. He dueled Voldemort and won, with the help of his 'curious' wand, only to be captured by an imposter 'professor' at Hogwarts and needing rescue by Dumbledore.
Rising Action: Harry's name was placed, unexplainably, as an underaged contestant in the Triwizard Tournament held during the Hogwarts school year. The three tasks were binding and deadly; but, through help of his friends, overcome. A collegial friendship with another student competitor led to assistance in the final task.
Climax: Unexpectedly 'co-winning' the final task led to Harry's being transported to the Little Hangleton Cemetery and unwillingly assisting Wormtails 'restoration' of Voldemort to a physical body. He witnessed the death of a friend, the return of Voldemort, regrouping of the Death Eaters, loss of his 'physical protection' against Voldemort, and explanation of Voldemort's history. Harry eventually was forced to duel Voldemort and escaped through the help of his 'curious wand.'
Falling Action: Returning back to Hogwarts, Harry was further abducted by a Death Eater posing as a professor at the school and had to be rescued by Dumbledore, 'the only person Voldemort ever feared.' He discovered the 'imposters' identity and history and heard Cornelius Fudge begin a tirade against Dumbledore.
Themes: Comming of Age, Prejudice and Bigotry
Motifs: Wizardry
Forshadowing: Further trouble from Voldemort, trouble from Fudge, loss of Dumbledore as Headmaster

Plot Overview